Personal Medicine is About You

Do you want a doctor who will:

  • See you when you need help, usually the same day
  • See you personally without layers of other staff in the middle
  • Address your  health priorities
  • Guide you toward wellness — through outpatient assessment and care, and inpatient and home care
  • Be your advocate to receive the best care to meet your expectations
  • Come to your home if that is the best option for your situation

Dr. Backs is a board certified internal medicine physician, providing high quality, personalized care in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  His focus on diagnosis and prevention, and overall wellness and health, helps his patients achieve maximum health and enjoy a healthy lifestyle

“It’s time to resolve to take control of your health and your health care by investing in Personal Medicine for yourself and a loved one! You are worth it!”

saving lives from vascular disease

Preventing Heart Attack & Stroke

Everybody is different. Optimal treatment should fit the individual. That’s why I offer the Bale Doneen Method for treatment of vascular disease:

The new book, “Beat the Heart Attack Gene” by Bradley Bale MD and Amy Doneen MSN, ARNP offers a roadmap to eliminate heart attacks and strokes by applying OPTIMAL treatment. I highly recommend it… Read more….


Personal Service

We strive to offer personal service to all of our patients.  We recognize that everyone has unique health concerns and needs, and we will make recommendations for treatment options based on your own set of circumstances. Read more….

Fit and Healthy


Up to date articles about healthy living, events and resources of interest. Read more….


“Dr. Backs takes the time to know – really know – his patients.”
“He practices what he preaches.”
“His care skills and dedication to me as a patient are tops.”
“This is how medicine should be practiced.”
“When Dr. Backs calls his practice personal, that is exactly what it is.”
“Every year, Dr. Backs has saved me a trip to the Emergency Room.”
“[His] attention to detail, one-on-one comprehensive care, knowledge and compassion are second to none.”
“We appreciate his proactive approach to wellness, diet and fitness.”